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FKC - Seinäjoki All breed show
Judge Patrik Ragnarsson, Ruotsista

Leevi and Minttu were at Seinäjoki show.
Leevi: Champion class EXC 2 CQ Best male 2
Minttu: FT class EXC 3 CQ

Leevi's critique in Swedish:
Utmärkt typ och utmärkt kondition för sina 9 år. Välbalanserad, välformat maskulin huvud. Vackra, vänliga ögon. Fint djup i nosparitet. Bra bett härliga hals och överlinge. Harmoniska vinklar fram och bak. Utmärkt, korrekt rundad bröstorg. Härliga lårbrodd och laga fina tassor. Bra ben och tassar. Bra pälskvalitet. Nytjar ottersvans maximalt. Rör sig med bra steg och stil. Härligt temperament. Välpresentarad.

Minttu's critique in Swedish:
Utmärkt typ. Välbalanserad, välformat feminint huvud. Vackra ögon. Välplaserade öron. Fint, djup i nospartiet. Bra bett, fint utryck. Bra hals och överlinge. Harmoniska vinklar fram och bak. Korrekt rundad bröstkog fint förbröst. Härliga lårbrodd, låga fina tassor. Fin pälskvalitetet. Nyttjar ottersvansen väl. Bra ben och tassar. Rör sig med utmärkt stil och steg. Härligt temperament. Välpresenterad.

LRC - Club Show
Olli and Minttu went to Club show.  Olli was placed second in he's class.

Judge for dogs was Ms Rebecca Hodge, Naiken labradors, UK and for bithces Mr Sander Nugteren, Woefram labradors, The Netherlands

Olli: YER 2
Minttu: NOV -

Olli at Club Show. Photo: Anu Brunila-Kovanen

Olli's critique:
Masculine head and expression. Front ok, would prefer more upper arm. Good bone. Level topline and tailset. Hind qarters developing well. Good coat. Moved well.

Minttu's critique:
Bigger sized yellow bitch with kind expression. She's a bith cheeky. Very nice & clean neck. Perfect topline & tailset. Enough front. Nice ribcage & super hind quarters. Feet stand like 10-2. Moves really well.

The Kennel Club of Finland - World Winner Show
Minttu and Leevi went to world winner. Both did quite well recieving EXC.

Judge for dogs was Mr Anthony Allen, Allenies labradors, UK and for bithches Mr Guy Spagnolo, Driftway labradors, Australia

Photo: Valerie Delprat, France

Minttu: YER EXC
Leevi: VET EXC

Leevi's critique:
Lovely dog. Good overall shape and outline. Clean through the neck and shoulder. Good depth of chest. Qarters well made. Moved around the ring like a youngster.

Minttu's critique:
Good head and expression, Good angulation in front. Good bone and feet. Should prefer slightly shorter couple. Goood coat and tail.

Retriever Org. - Main Specialty Show
Judge Mrs Joan Woodall, UK

Minttu: VG

Minttu's critique:
Darker yellow of good breed type, Particularly I like her head. Good length of leg. Firm qarters. Moved well. Good coat.

LRC - Specialty Show
Judge Mrs Carol Reynolds, Carromer labradors, UK

Minttu: OPEN VG

Minttu's critique:
2 years pretty yellow, a little longer cast, enough bone, good reach of neck, not quite in full coat, showing a all times, moved ok

Auran Nuuskut - Perniö - Field test
Judge Risto Aaltonen
Odorosas Fidelio "Olli" NOU1

Olli passed he's working test.

Helsinki, All Breed Show
Minttu went to All Breed show in Tuomarinkylä. Judge was Mrs Eva Mjelde, Suprising labradors, Norway

Mintu: YER EXC 4

Minttu's critique:
Nearly 2 years with nice head and expression, excellent neck and shoulder, well made body and hidnquarters, good bone, a little short in coat, moves well when she wants to
  7.6.2014 LRC - Specialty Show
We had a nice day at LRC's Harjavalta specialty show. Leevi and Minttu were in the show and both did very well.

Judges were Mr Shaun Williamson, Sharouns labradors, UK for dogs and Mr Gary Johnsson, Cremino labradors, UK for bitches.

Leevi: Veteran EXC3
Minttu: Yearling EXC 2

Leevi's critique:
9 year old yellow male of very good type. Extremely well balanced. Superb topline & tailset. Kind head with typical expression. Good construction in front & rear. Stands four square & shows extremely well. Very pleasing in move holding he's super topline. Excellent coat & condition.

Minttu's critique:
Free moving yellow of a decent type. Feminine head and expression. Good eye shape and colour. Good reach of neck. Well laid shoulder. Good depth of body to leg ratio. Well turned stiffle. Coming in enough coat.
  24.5.2014 Uudenmaan Nuuskut - Perniö - Field Test
Judge Risto Aaltonen

Minttu passed her field testi in Perniö!

  20.4.2014 Field training and swimming season has started. In Vaakkoi were Muikku, Leevi and Minttu. Photos by Karola Kahrila and Anitra Ahonen.

  1.2.2014 LRC - Specialty Show
Leevi, Minttu ja Molly (Odorosas Fleur Noire) were in LRC Hyvinkää Specialty Show
Judges were Penny Carpanini (Carpenny), UK and Vanessa Malkmus, Germany

Leevi VET EXC, Molly ja Minttu VG

Leevi's critique:
Very strong 8,5 years old male, still in super condition.
Strong head, masculine expression, good reach of neck, still very strong topline.
Nice angulations in front and rear. Still a true showman.

Minttu's critique:
Rather rangy yellow who is little unsure of herself and me.
Good front, bone and feet. However her rather long hocks spoiled her rear balance.
Standing and in the move she relates well to her handler and
could do better with practice.

In the photo Molly / Photo by Svetlana Gerasimova

  1.1.2014  Happy New Year !  

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